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Miscarriage & Infertility Counseling

Miscarriage Counseling

People often don't realize the devestating impact a miscarriage has on an individual or couple. You lose not only your pregnancy but the life you thought you were going to have. Bonding often takes place at the first signs of pregnancy, particularly for women, making these kinds of losses even more difficult. However, miscarriages are often unacknowleged and invalidated by society. These are significant losses and need to be acknowledged and mourned.

Infertility Counseling

Dr. Horsley provides counseling services for individuals and couples struggling with infertility issues. Infertility can impact many aspects of your life. When people experience infertility problems, they often experience feelings of guilt and powerlessness. Their lack of control over their fertility may make them feel helpless. Often, individuals tend to blame themselves or their partner for the fertility problems.

Additionally, many couples find themselves to be in a grieving process because of the child that they are unable to have. Women who have experienced multiple miscarriages may especially be affected by feelings of grief.

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