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Grief Videos

Dr, Heidi Talks about

Finding Support After Loss, through

The Compassionate Friends

Dr. Heidi Talks about

Focusing on the Person's Life

After a Death

Dr. Heidi Talks about

​Involvement of the Media After a Death​

Dr. Heidi Interviews Dr. Brenda Marshall

about Adult Sibling Loss

Dr. Heidi Discusses Continuing Bonds

with Dr. Gloria

Walking Through Grief: DVD Educational Series

Featuring Dr. Heidi &

Other Grief Experts

Dr. Heidi Talks about

Stigma after Sudden Loss

Suggestions for Dealing

with the Media

Dr. Heidi interviews

Dr. Betty Davies on Sibling Loss

Dr. Heidi Discusses

Creative Ways to Say Good-Bye When You Didn't Have a Chance

Dr. Heidi Discusses Sibling Loss 

Dr. Heidi discusses the death of musician Eric Clapton's son on the T.V. show 20/20

Dr. Heidi Talks about

When There is No Body after a Loss

Dr. Heidi Discusses

The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors of Miitary Loss (TAPS)

Dr. Heidi Talks about

Prenatal Death and Miscarriage

Dr. Heidi Talks about

when the Law is Involved after a Sudden Loss

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