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Award Winning Weekly

Cable TV Talk Show

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Open to Hope: Bereaved Sibling Show

Open to Hope Show: Coping with

Pregnancy Loss & Infertility

Open to Hope Show: Handling the Holidays after Loss

Open to Hope Show:  Transforming your Life

After a Sibling Death

Dr. Heidi Horsley & Dr. Gloria Horsley are a mother-daughter psychology team who specialize in grief and loss, tackling the tough topic of death and how to find hope after loss.  This show won the Hometown Media Award, the CreaTiVe Award, & the WAVE Award for best public access T.V. show.


The Open to Hope Show features guests who have transformed their lives after loss.  Guests share tips on how to find hope and healing. 


Open to Hope Show: Tramatic Loss Show

Open to Hope Show: Handling the Loss of a Child

Open to Hope Show: Healing through Project Grace Service Trips

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