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Psychological Services

Dr. Heidi Horsley, provides a variety of solution focused counseling and life coaching services. She assists clients in attaining a clear vision of their goals, designing steps to achieve those goals, and creating an action plan that will provide them with hope and take their lives to the next level.

Dr. Heidi's relationship with her clients is based on an interactive, directive, and collaborative approach. She helps clients define their strengths, find meaning and purpose, and construct a more fulfilled and balanced life.

Dr. Heidi provides services to those experiencing grief, loss, and/or a life transition. Her vision is that all people will be able to learn to live with their grief, cope with their pain, and invest in their future.

Losses and life transitions represent both a challenge and an opportunity for growth and change. She will work to help you discover your strengths, increase awareness of your options, find new approaches to your situation, and live a life that inspires you.

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